FARO® Air In-Ear Aviation Premium Pilot Headset

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Lightweight, only 1 oz., Three-Year Warranty, Provides over 30db of Noise Reduction, Music Input, Dual Volume Control, Replaceable foam ear tips.

What is the weight of the FARO® Air?
AIR weight less than 1 oz. Imagine going from your typical aviation headset that weights over 16 oz. to 1 oz. You will feel connected to your surrounding and your neck muscles will appreciate it as well.

How does the noise reduction work?
As part of AIR's development, FARO® developed a slow-recovery composite foam to provide a comfortable, effective seal while exerting low pressure in the ear canal. They are slightly longer than a typical ear plug to fit deeper in to the ear canal. They are offered in 3 sizes and replacements can be purchased from the accessories section.

Are any ear tips included?
Yes, your FARO® AIR comes with 3 pairs of standard and 3 pairs of large ear tips. Additional ear tips can be purchased from the accessories page.

What is the warranty?
Faro provides 3-year full coverage warranty on all aviation headsets. Please see the warranty page for additional information.

How much is the shipping?
Shipping of headset is free for customers in continental U.S.