FARO® G3 ANR (Active Noise Reduction) Premium Pilot Aviation Headset

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Faro G3 is unlike any other headset you've ever worn. Hold it for just a second to realize - "wow, this is very light." At only 9oz, you will truly appreciate the low-key, low-weight design, while its premium carbon fiber construction also offers top-of-the-line noise reduction.


  • Ultra-light, 9 oz. weight
  • Active Noise Reduction rated at 52 dB
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Audio and Communication 3-Way Audio Priority 
  • 3-Color Power/Battery Status LED
  • 4-Function Bluetooth Status LED
  • Faux leather Ear Cushions
  • Dual-Function Auto Shut Off 
  • Auxiliary 3.4mm Audio Input (Cable included)
  • Requires 2 AA batteries.
  • 3-Year Warranty