Gleim Commercial Pilot Syllabus

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The Gleim Commercial Pilot Syllabus is a step-by-step lesson plan for your commercial pilot training. This book presents a complete ground and flight training course of study designed to expedite the completion of your commercial certificate. A multi-engine add-on syllabus is also included as an additional certification option.

Each ground and flight lesson directs you to a specific study unit or page to read in the Gleim Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test and/or Commercial Pilot Flight Maneuvers books. This cross-referencing allows you to review all appropriate material beforehand and be thoroughly prepared for each lesson.


Covers both single- and multi-engine certification
Save time and money by studying the specific pages/chapters appropriate to your lesson before each flight
Ensure thorough understanding with stage and end-of-course knowledge tests
Format complies with 14 CFR Part 61 and Part 141, making it perfect for both independent CFIs and flight schools