Gleim Instrument Pilot Test Prep Software

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The Gleim FAA Test Prep contains everything you need to study for the instrument pilot airplane FAA knowledge tests in one unique, easy-to-use program. The Test Prep Software contains study outlines and figures and is an integral component of the Complete Instrument Pilot Kit. Additionally, you can create customized study and test sessions using the actual FAA airmen knowledge test questions to enhance your learning process. FAA Test Prep also emulates the computerized formats of the major computer-testing vendors, thereby allowing you to simulate exam-type conditions. The Performance Analysis feature allows you to track your progress and focus on specific areas needing further study.

Includes all the FAA questions for the Instrument Pilot - Airplane FAA Airmen Knowledge Test.
The Test Prep Software is divided into the same study units as all other Gleim Instrument Pilot material.
Includes all of the FAA charts and figures in an easy to use, printable format.
Emulates testing center environment giving student confidence.
Unlimited practice exams.

Product Features:

Study and Test Sessions
Study sessions give you instant feedback on each answer with detailed explanations. Test sessions provide you with a simulated exam environment, the best way to test your understanding.
Performance Tracking
Follow your progress as you take each study or test session. See where you need to improve and how well prepared you are for the FAA airmen knowledge test. Streamline your studies by only studying the areas in which you need to focus.
Update Patches
Question and program updates are available via the Internet. FREE!
Extensive Help system
Easy-to-understand Help files offer extensive information to help users get the best experience possible out of FAA Test Prep.
User-Friendly Interface
Using a format similar to most windows programs, FAA Test Prep utilizes both the mouse and keyboard for maximum ease of use.
Quick and Easy to Install
FAA Test Prep installs quickly and easily onto your computer.
Compatible with Windows 2000 or Later
Designed specifically for the most popular operating systems on the market, FAA Test Prep is an excellent study solution for users of Windows 2000 or later.

This Test Prep Software is another powerful tool of our Knowledge Transfer System, and we want you to PASS your exam by using Gleim. Please use our other pilot training products, which include books, audios, and online.